Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello. When I was in elementary school and had to do book reports, we were always required to create "reading reflections" as we read. Of course, 90% of the time I did not reflect while I read and instead I wrote them all later. I even wrinkled the paper to suggest I had written them while reading, though I don't know why that would necessarily be convincing.

Anyway, I read a lot of books but find I have trouble remembering what I thought about them later, so I'm starting a blog where I'll post some thoughts as I read. They will very in length, quality, and profundity; the frequency of posts will also vary greatly. Mostly this is a tool for my own use and reference, but I might as well make it public for other people to enjoy.

Note that I typically read randomly. Literally...I have a large library and I use a random number generator to pick what book to read. Otherwise, I might never get around to reading some things. In general, if I pick a novel I'll finish it. If it's short stories or plays, I'll read some or all, but I feel free to quit and pick something new. My library is pretty wide ranging, but it's mostly fiction in a broad sense, including mythology and that sort of stuff. There's also some history, letters, speeches, essays, and the like, but I think it all falls under the heading of "literature."

I hope someone derives enjoyment out of this and, more importantly, it proves useful to me!

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